Shoppy Time Blues

January 16, 2010

Today my pride wrote a check my body couldn’t cash. Despite not feeling well I decided to go grocery shopping, and since I’m not supposed to drive, I walked the block and a half to the local grocery store. Everything started out fine, I got a cart and began shopping. But about ten minutes in I started becoming extremely dizzy, something thats not that uncommon.

Unfortunately, the side of the store I was on had no seating except that of the pharmacy. Safeway, being the cool hang out for the 60+ crowd that it is, was packed this morning. All of the various benches and plush chairs were occupied by people qualified to be my grandparents. I had no choice but pretend to have my blood pressure taken in order to sit down.

After a few minutes I wasn’t feeling any better, so I made a decision.

Start your engines

The Decision

You see, every Safeway store in the nation is equiped with several electric shopping carts. I’ve toyed with the idea of using them before but always balked. Being the strapping young lad I am, I wouldn’t want to use one of these carts and deny it from someone who needs it more, like an old lady who could melt your face with her evil, disapproving glare. I’m not one to normally care about what other people think, but it seems that the power of the stink-eye grows exponentially with age. Also, most people my age riding an electric scooter would be doing so to be a smart ass.

Truthfully, it went better then I expected. A few employees gave me a knowing smirk, but I was free from any disapproving looks. One thing that I found interesting, was how hard it was to reach stuff. I’ve always been a big guy (currently 6′ 4″), and have never had to stretch to reach things. Being forced into a sitting position was an eye opener.

But I’ll be damned if im buying one of those reach extender things.

Never going to happen.


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