To peer into the mind of a man.

January 17, 2010

As it stands, I’ve had two MRIs and a CT scan. If you’ve never had one, its quite a unique experience,.

For a MRI, which uses magnets and radio waves to peep inside your skull, you lay on a tray and are slid into a giant tube, you lay for thirty to forty minutes while the machine loudly beeps and buzzes. Its kind of like being in a giant atari.

A CT scan is much quicker (usually less then 10 minutes), and is much more open. The technology it uses is that of an X-ray, but doesnt quite show as much as an MRI, where in a CT scan you typically get one or two images, a MRI will have an entire cross-section of the brain.

I’ve always been a curious kind of guy, so I always want to know whats going on. My doctors have always been kind enough to let me look at my scans, but it was never really enough. So today I went down to the imaging center I had MRI/CT at and asked for a copy. I got way more then I expected.

Its not like I thought, where it was just a series of photographs, but uses a specialized piece of software and acts more like a 3d modeling program. You get two viewpoints and can choose a X/Y coordinate to navigate around the brain. I have to admit thats its pretty freaking cool. Heres a screen shot from the CT scan, the little white dot in the upper area is my shunt.

Somebody lose a tic-tac?


6 Responses to “To peer into the mind of a man.”

  1. Dan said

    So, is this something that is terminal? Or is this something that will eventually be overturned and fixed?

  2. Conley said

    Whoooaaaa you can see like, the ghost of your face. That’s pretty bizarre. But also cool.

  3. Tina said

    Heey- our shunts are in the same spot!

    Most people I’ve been meeting lately, have theirs behind an ear or something. Not sure why.

    Never had an MRI… After watching House, and half their patients have seizures or something in the machine… I’m leery.haha

  4. The hydro is permanent, the best I can hope for is a working shunt. If I get a shunt that works, in theory I will return to normal.

  5. Hannah Flaherty said

    Hey Chris, it’s Hannah from facebook. A fellow Bend-ite.

    Those scans are pretty neato. My friend helped me compile mine into a very beautiful slide show with music of the Star Wars theme. Pretty trippy stuff! I need to find that….

    So question for you: what kind of shunt do you have? I mean, brand? I’m Medtronic. I also have a programmable, is yours? They have some glitches but it is SO nice not to have to have your head opened up every time you want to try a new pressure setting.

    You weren’t born with your hyrdo either, were you? That makes you quite unique! I wasn’t born with it either, but have a slightly more common reason being that I had a brain tumor and it just kind of squished all those pathways shut. That was when I was five.

    You’ve had two MRI’s? I’m in double digits. And I mean WAY in double digits. I’m going to guess in the plus twenty category. Hopefully you’ll never have to go through as many as I have…I’m starting to worry that any minute now I’ll start glowing in the dark!

    Hang in there, Chris. Hopefully I’ll get to meet you soon, there’s really nothing better then having someone to talk to that knows what the hell your talking about and doesn’t get all green around the gills.

  6. Hey, Hannah. I’m not sure what brand mine is, it is programmable as they can adjust the settings with a small plastic disc via magnet, if that helps.
    And no, I wasn’t born with it, as far as i can tell I’ve had the symptoms for about two years now, but I can remember having vertigo attacks as far back as freshman year.

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