Pre-Surgery Prep

January 18, 2010

I talked to my brain surgeon today, the one and only Dr.Hadden. He wants me to come in for a physical to see if my body can take surgery. I should have had a shunt revision about two months ago, but due to my being sick and misdiagnosed several times I’ve had to put it off. I find it somewhat amusing that the physical will be on my birthday, I suppose the best gift I could get would be a clean bill of health, so they can poke more holes in my skull.

I’ve been talking to allot of people online with hydrocephalus lately, its seems that there is a much larger community then I thought. They all seem to be very nice and down to earth. Though some of the horror stories that have be related to me quite frankly scare the piss out of me. Things like shunt revisions gone wrong resulting in three weeks of intensive care.  I suppose there’s no use in worrying though, whats going to happen will happen. I’m just glad to know that I’m not the only one good through all this.

Also, I’ve had quite a headache lately. Lil’ bugger won’t go away.


One Response to “Pre-Surgery Prep”

  1. Hannah Flaherty said

    Don’t let it all freak you out too much, Chris. With ANYTHING, you’ll find people with horror stories. (Like me, sorry!) But think of it this way: the ones that don’t have any problems and go on to live happy healthy lives probably aren’t going to be online and in support groups because they don’t need it!

    So pretty much the people you find are people that are still searching for answers for one reason or another. And the circumstances for a lot of people were just weird. My circumstance was VERY unexpected and probably won’t happen to anyone else. But there are risks to everything, of course. I mean, it is brain surgery. I think though that you’ll be just fine. And I hope you get your birthday wish: A clean bill of health and a step forward!

    Also, no matter what happens, now you’ve got a support network. Hey, if you do end up going in for surgery I could come visit you, bring you dumb comedy movies and raid the frozen yogurt machine!

    Happy (soon to be) Birthday! I bet I can guess what you’ll be thinking when you blow out those candles…


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