Surgery Scheduled

January 20, 2010

Well I’ve gotten word that my second surgery is a go. Talked to Dr.Hadden and VIM today. Looks like its going to be next week, either Tuesday or Thursday .

I can’t decide if  im more or less nervous then the first surgery, it seems like it should be easier this time around, all the plumbing is laid.  I just hope they wont have to cut into my abdomen this time, thats what hurt the most the first time, every time I moved and flexed my stomach it would bring a searing pain.

I remember that when I woke up from surgery I felt great, I could move my head and not get dizzy for the first time in ages. It may have been from they pressure they relived during surgery, or it could have been the copious amounts of oxycontin and morphine the gave me, either way I felt really sharp and clear headed.

Dr.Hadden thinks that what went wrong with the shunt is that it did its job too well. He says that the pressure it relived caused my brain to shrink, moving the shunt into brain matter, thus blocking the flow of fluid.

The man rooting around in my skull

 It always amazes me what kind of creature comforts the hospitals try to provide, I know room service is standard but last time I got a hospital gown that had its own heating system, a tube blew hot air through the whole outfit to keep me from getting a chill. Pretty sweet. That and all the ice cream I could eat was a plus.


2 Responses to “Surgery Scheduled”

  1. Des said

    Yeah that hospital gown was pretty cool. 😀

    Happy birthday! ❤

  2. Conley said

    That is a pretty awesome sounding hospital gown. Also happy birthday! I texted you but I don’t know if you get texts. I hope your surgery goes well, keep me posted! I’ll try to get down there again some time to visit, too.

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