January 26, 2010

Well, I’m much calmer today then I was yesterday. I’ve done some light googling on low white blood cell counts, and there seems to be plethora of things that can cause it, I’m also under the impression now that going to the oncologist is more of “we want to rule out cancer” kind of move.

So we’ll see.

Des (my fiancée), is really sick. I feel bad, I can’t help but feel somewhat responsible, I know my sickness puts a ton of stress on her, which can’t be good for her immune system. I feel doubly bad, because I can’t comfort or take care of her right now, because I can’t risk catching whatever she has right before surgery.

I also have the somewhat grim task of filling out an advanced directive today. A packet of paperwork letting the doctors when to pull the plug on me if something goes horribly awry during surgery.

Oh the places we’ll go.


One Response to “Woo.”

  1. April said

    hey so I found your blog as a stat on mine…checked you out…sorry about what you are going through. I like the way you write though. I’m subscribing! Hang in there.

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