Brain Surgery 2: The Revenge

January 27, 2010

Well tomorrows the big day. I haven’t heard from the hospital yet, but I assume it will be early in the AM again. I sure hope so, the worst part about this whole ordeal (other then the whole chance of catastrophic screwups that result in death) would be that you can’t drink or eat anything before the surgery. I can deal with not eating, I don’t eat much as it is, but I have to constantly be drinking something, I’m always thirsty.

I met up with a fellow Hydrocephalus suffer and her mom yesterday, Hannah (who often comments on this blog) is awesome. I had a great time chatting with her, and it was fun to compare notes. I’m glad I made a brain buddy.

Probably won’t be posting for a few days, but I’ll come back as soon as possible.


3 Responses to “Brain Surgery 2: The Revenge”

  1. Tina said

    Hope all goes well!

  2. Hannah Flaherty said

    I so know about the water thing. I think that’s the worst part of anesthesia! It’s not the food, generally I’m too nervous to want to eat but I get SO thirsty! There’s not a whole lot that’s worse than only being able to swish and wanting so badly to swallow!

    But with any luck you’ll get in so early that you’ll just roll out of bed and go in half asleep already. I sent you a text seeing if you knew what time you were going in but no response yet. 😦 I hope that’s a good sign though. Hopefully you’re busy doing fun things. Movie marathons!

    And hey, when you’re going through the healing process I’m always up for a day of just watching TV. I’m very good at watching TV, in fact, one might say I’m an expert. Hah.

    I’m sending all my positive thoughts your way, Chris. I KNOW that you’re going to come out just fine, and with any luck…you’ll come out feeling BETTER. Keep the faith.


  3. april said

    wow. good luck…. thinking of you and hoping it all goes well!

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