Sub-systems online.

February 1, 2010


My digestive system is rebelling though. Since I haven’t really been keeping anything down over the past few months my gut has been on an impromptu vacation, it is not pleased to be back on duty. I’ll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say a plumber had to be called.

I took off my head bandages today and had a shower, which is nice but usually challenging. But I’m finding my balance is much improved, I hardly wobble when I walk, and the only sketchy part in the shower was when I had to towel off my lower bits and stand on one leg.

Theres a picture of my head after the break if you’d like to see it, its somewhat oggie,  so viewer discretion is advised.

Frankenstein has nothing on me.


4 Responses to “Sub-systems online.”

  1. Grammy said

    Frankly, your head looks like your mom had a fender bender when she gave you a buzz cut. Does it hurt? Oh, and by the way… always look wonderful to me.

  2. hydroboysmom said

    LOL!!! Fender bender? Moi? Ha! Although I will admit a “slight accident” when he was 2 or 3 and i “snipped” an ear… it was all fine…. after I called the pediatrician I worked for (at home) and got it to stop bleeding 🙂

    I have to say how impressed I am with his recovery. He is walking straight, can look up, sideways and has color back in his face!!!

    Not to mention his “tude” is back, he keeps faking me out that he is falling! Butt-head.

  3. april said

    sounds like things are going pretty well! good to hear.

  4. Conley said

    Whoooaaa that head thing is pretty hardcore. I think you should just leave your hair like that.

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