Screw you Pikachu

February 2, 2010

I had my oncology appointment yesterday. I won’t be a brat and prattle on for several sentences before letting you know the results, that would be cruel. What kind of person would hold out on his friends/readers/internet stalkers like that? The very act is nothing but sadistic in nature. I believe that theres enough pain and suffering going on in the world without me making you all sit in tension for a few more seconds.


Anyway its not cancer. Its not even an auto-immune disease like I was expecting, it seems I just have a nasty viral infection that’s skewering my blood count. The docs are going to do another few blood work-ups, but they say they are “very optimistic”.

I’m starting to feel really good. I’m still a bit dizzy and off kilter, but by and by I feel great. I just need a haircut. 😐


3 Responses to “Screw you Pikachu”

  1. Grammy said

    Wahoo!!!!!! I think you need a wig….I was thinking orange and burgundy with just a hint of blue.
    I had relief tears for an hour.

  2. hydroboysmom said

    I only left you 2 hours ago (am sitting in a cafe in PDX on layover) and I miss you terribly already.

    I am so relieved at how well you are doing, how great you look and am absolutely thrilled you are back to your normal snarky self!!!!

    Remember to start slow and don’t overdo ***I know,total mom sentence*** NO DDR YET!

    Love you tons peanut!


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