February 12, 2010

So having hydrocephalus sucks, we’ve established that. But you know what else sucks? being regular sick. The past few days I’ve had a sore throat and have been very tired. Last night I slept from around 10pm til’ 2pm today. Pity me.


6 Responses to “Blehg”

  1. hydroboysmom said

    you need to call the dr. remember they worried about mono and strep….

  2. Grammy said

    And you need to pick a book on Amazon. love you.

  3. Hannah Flaherty said

    Oooh, I second the rec on The Hunger Games!

    So, my brain buddy, I’ve got a somewhat matching head to yours. None of the stuff up top is shaved for me, but I’ve got a bald spot along my shunt with 14 stitches. They are really sore right now, but Ibuprofen helps with that.

    I’ve never been in the hospital for such a short amount of time! Just one night. Crazzzy!

    So are you going to come be my movie-watching buddie? We can watch movies that require no higher brain function and ice our scalp lacs! Or watch the Olympics, that starts tonight. I love watching the lugeing (did I spell that wrong?) it’s like sledding times ten. The opening ceremony and torch lighting is tonight, I shall watch it because…well, what else am I going to do with a head that feels like this? I’m sure you can relate.


    Brain Buddy Hannah

  4. I’d like to come over, but as this post says I seem to have a touch of the flu… or something. If your willing to risk infection I can hop on by. =D

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