February 16, 2010

Had the shuntogram yesterday, it was nothing.

I was under the impression that they had to stab you with a giant needle and dig around to find the shunt hole, but in reality they use a butterfly needle, the kind they use on babies.

They injected the radioactive dye and it was over in about 20 minutes. I just laid under a machine and they took pictures. Apparently everything is working, which is good I suppose, I just wonder whats causing me to be so sick and dizzy all the time.

At this point I can basically say that either my vertigo is just my brain adjusting to the new pressure, or that its unrelated to the Hydrocephalus. You have to keep in mind though that since my first shunt clogged within the first two days of it installation this is essentially the first time I’ve had one.

I went to work for the first time in a few weeks yesterday. It was both better and worse then I expected. I had a hard time remaining standing for any length of time, but we weren’t busy and it just felt good to be out of the house. I want to keep working, and right now I don’t have a choice with all my bills.


One Response to “Shuntogram”

  1. hydroboysmom said

    you need to talk to your docs about malnutrition. you have lost sooooo much weight and throw up almost everything you eat (and have for months and months). Perhaps that is causing the dizziness? i worry about your muscles atrophying.

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