February 18, 2010

Alright so I’m giving you a fair warning here and now, this post may leave a bad taste in your mouth. This post is all about puking, aka barfing, praying to the porcelain throne, burping solid, chumming… ect.

As someone who heaves on a daily basis I’ve decided to share my keen and unique insights on subject in the form of the best and worse things to eat when you know it’s a two-way trip.

Best three things to eat and why:

3.Berries – This one’s simple. They retain the majority of their flavor, so when they come back up its not entirely unpleasant.

2.Sprite – Same as the berries only fizzy. If you;ve never lost freshly ingested sprite I can only really recommend it… It’s actualy enjoyable.

1.Water – nothing is worse than dry heaving, and nothing is more nutral than water. It’s a great way to prime the pump.

Three worst things:

3.Milk – Oh man, all i have to say is one word: Curdle.

2.Chocolate – When you get past the chunky stage into the partially digested stage it turns into a syrup that coast your throat. Blehg.

1.Pizza, whether chunky or liquid pizza sucks to puke up, something about the spices stays potent for long periods of time.

This image could have been so much grosser.


4 Responses to “Tasteful”

  1. Grammy said

    And what do the Great Oz (doctors) propose to do?

  2. Conley said

    Another bad thing to throw up: noodles.

  3. TeamHydro said

    My sister has hydrocephalus, too. We are fighting to help raise awareness and funds to find better treatment options and, one day, a cure. I’d love to work with you on this. Check us out at http://teamhydro.org

  4. Conley: Yes noodles are gross, especially when they come out your nose whole.
    Grammy: They are doing nothing, its a hurry up and wait situation.
    TeamHydro: I’d love to help any way I can, anything you had in mind?

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