February 24, 2010

Yesterday sucked.

I woke up with a terrible migraine and it never went away. I had three pieces of bacon for breakfast and threw it up, then promptly fell asleep. I woke up every five hours or so and threw up again throughout the day. Not a fun time.

I have an appointment with Dr.Hadden today at 1:30, so we’ll see what he says.


5 Responses to “sadface”

  1. Grammy said

    Can’t they give you an anti vomiting med? This really really sucks.
    At least it wasn’t pancakes.

  2. Hahaha, pancakes. They have given me anti-vomit pills but they don’t seem to work.

  3. Conley said

    I hope everything is alright. :C

    And yeah, the one time I was given anti-nausea medicine it just made me sicker.

  4. Hannah Flaherty said

    I’m so sorry Chris! That really sucks. I went in for a shunt adjustment yesterday, I’ve been noticing that my headache gets better when I lay down which means I’m…under draining. I think. I get confused. Anyway, they don’t reccomend changing pressures more than one slot at a time, so I went up one and can’t really say I’ve noticed a change. Although it hasn’t made things WORSE, so that’s something.

    I hope your appointment goes/went well. Let us know, okay? I totally get the naseua and headache and being barely able to stay awake. It’s no fun.

  5. Dia said

    I know what that’s like, just another day with hydrocephalus. Hope you feel better tomorrow!

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