March 16, 2010

Well things have taken’ an abrupt turn for the worse. Today my head started leaking green pus, which is typically a bad thing. I went and saw Dr.Hadden and to make a long story short, this Thursday they are taking out all of the tubing and shunt from my head and installing a whole new set on the other side.

The tubing has gotten infected, which is one of the worst things that can happen.

At least I get to see my Mom tomorrow.


5 Responses to “Hmm”

  1. Grammy said

    You poor sweet boy. I am so sorry. I hope this is all better soon. How is Des doing with it?

  2. Hannah said

    I’m so so sorry Chris. I wish I could say more to help. Mum’s going to pick up your mum tomorrow at the airport, if you want maybe I could stay with you while she’s picking up Kitty. That way you don’t get to be home alone and worried. Would that be good?

    Hold on Chris.

  3. Chris Noski said

    I’m really sorry to hear about this, Chris. Whenever you’re feeling up to it, I’d LOVE to visit. I promise I wont be a burden. I hope your new shunt fixes all this.

  4. april said

    oh my gosh!
    i’ll keep you in my thoughts.Hope everything turns around soon.
    hang in there.

  5. Kitty said

    Hey sweetie…

    I get on the airplane in 3 1/2 hours… I’m on my way!

    I love you sooo much!


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