March 22, 2010

Well im finally out of the hospital. This time was allot rougher then any previous time. Not only did I get to experiance the wonders of a cathader first hand I had to stay multiple nights due to complications. I defiantly went in with not as positive of  an attitude and I think it really effected the outcome.

Im much weaker then when I went in, but starting to recover. Its not easy to write so I’m going to keep this brief.

Basicly my body has trained itself to be bulimic so that’s hurting the recovery process. I weigh 165 now and 6″4″. Im going to stay with my Mom in Nebraska for a month to recover. While it will be nice to be taken care of, it will be hard to to leave home.


3 Responses to “Update”

  1. Jayson said

    It’s really hard to have a positive attitude when the universe is yanking your chain…but it does help…just figure out a way to do it, I know you can. =)

  2. conrad said

    I hope everything will be alright this time. When are you leaving for Nebraska? Have you ever been to Nebraska before? I recommend the zoo in Omaha if you start to feel better. :3

  3. I’ve been to Nebraska once before, will have to try the zoo!

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