Faux Pas

March 25, 2010

Today I visit Dr.Hadden’s office to get my staples removed. While it’s nice to no longer to look like Frankenstein’s monster, I’m now entering the awkward in-between zone of fashion. While not a topic I usually concern myself heavily with, things are about to enter dire straights.

I didn’t shave my head this time around because things were such short notice, so I’m already sporting a highlighter haircut. This isn’t so bad when I have three or four strips of staples in my head, its understandable and obvious. But as soon as those suckers come out, the scars get really hard to see, so all I have is random patches of different length hair.

The easy solution would be just to shave it now, but even though the staples are going to be gone, the flesh is still going to be puffy for a week or so. I think my only real solution is the trusty hat.

Another concern, is my growing collection of scars. Before this fiasco started the only scar I had was one on my knuckle from a dremel/fiberglass incident from when I used to build airplanes. But now I have the original chest incision, and two new ones on my right shoulder and lower stomach.

I currently have six of these.


You guys are all perverts.


4 Responses to “Faux Pas”

  1. Jayson! said

    No worries….scars are cool. Just say you got them in Nam. =)

  2. Grammy said

    or say you got them when you were with the CIA…you have a very funny uncle. I am thrilled to see you standing up.

  3. Hannah Flaherty said

    If anyone laughs you grin in a creepy way and say “Yeah…but you should SEE the other guy.”

    Works for me.

    Scars fade. I’ll show you the one on my belly, it’s been there since I was five, it’s so much a part of me that I tend to forget about it. As for how much it will go away or how quickly, it depends on the person. Different people have different skin. I scar easily, you might not.

    I did the hat life for a while. It’s not so bad except when your head gets over heated and you can’t/won’t take the hat off. Not fun!

    • Jayson said

      Ooh! “You should see the other guy!” I Love it…I’m so stealing that next time I get a scar…now what’s the best way to go get one? Hm…..

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