March 26, 2010

Things went well with Dr.Hadden yesterday. I am now staple-free.

Something unfortunate has happened though. Hadden basically sat me down and told me that the infection I had was a very serious thing. essentially I am extremely lucky that we caught it so early and nipped it in the bud. Basically I could have bought the farm with this. Because of this Hadden says that I need to make some lifestyle changes.

I’m going to be doing allot more hand washing for one. But the biggest thing he told me is that I can no longer have any exotic pets or any pet that poops inside. This is a big deal. Right now I have four cats, four ferrets and a dog. My house is something like a petting zoo and I love it. This can no longer be. This breaks my heart because there is nothing I can do about it. He says that the ferrets absolutely have to go, and that the cats should go as well. I can’t give up my cats, Dr.H said that we could keep them as long as I have absolutely nothing to do with the litter boxes and keep them immaculate.

A group of ferrets is called a "business"

This is tearing me up and I feel terrible. But as hard as it is for me, its twenty times harder of my fiancée Des, those animals are her children. But she doesn’t blame me, which is a blessing. I love that woman.


2 Responses to “Sadface”

  1. Jayson said

    I have two cats, two dogs, 6 mice, a dwarf hamster, a bird, and 3 tanks of fish….I feel your pain. =)

  2. waistline32 said

    I had to get rid of my cat because of my brother’s asthma. i can’t blame him though.

    i invented a broken heart emoticon </3

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