March 31, 2010

Would you believe me if I said I forgot how to poop?

Oh god a pooping post...

Unfortunately, its true. Since for the past eight months or so my diet has consisted of take-out and single serving easy-mac (my concentration issue don’t allow for anything more elaborate. I get lost walking two blocks to 7-11 for crying out loud), coupled with the fact that I end up throwing it all up anyway, my digestive system has had something of a vacation.

Not anymore. I’m eating regularly and my system has no idea how to handle it. I’m thinking that the reason I’m gaining weight is simply because I keep eating and have nothing leaving my system.

If your looking for a solid investment, buy stock in dulcolax I’m buying that stuff like a fat kid buys candy.


4 Responses to “Thhbp”

  1. Jayson! said

    Quick! Everyone BUY Dulcolax! I have a feeling that stock is about to soar!

  2. Hannah Flaherty said

    Haha, see I told you Chris: being sick saps you of any pride you have very quickly. Suddenly you find yourself dicussing bodily functions to complete strangers. Tis an odd life.

    I sure know how you feel about stomach problems, though. I think I ate yesterday at some point. Maybe…

    • Yeah after half the hospital saw my junk I decided I don’t really care anymore about the whole pride thing. Human bodies are what they are, you seen one you seen em’ all.

      Oh and soft serve ice cream is the best, you mentioned it a bit ago and I’ve been mowing down ever since. Cherry dip cones from Dairy Queen amirite?

  3. waistline32 said

    eat mangoes. lots of fruit

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