I do love pizza

April 14, 2010

Did you know there are over a hundred different shades of beige? That there are over two hundred of off-white? This is a fact I have learned and suffered through as my mother has decided to re-paint her house and cupboards.

Every day life here has seemingly settled into place, I find that my routine is something as follows: Wake up, eat, watch tv, eat, play some WoW, eat, watch some more TV and then go to bed. Not the worlds most exciting life, but one that is normal and something I’ve been needing for a while.

Yesterday we all went the every childs favorite restaurant and the bane of most over twenty adults Chuck E. Cheeses. A modern wonderland where a kid can be a kid, and adults can pay 20 bucks for a sub-par crappy pizza. Good times.

I got a call from my disability case worker, she seems to be a very nice lady. She had some questions about some forms she never received and basically said that she was only waiting on medical reports from my doctors, that she would be making a ruling well within the next three months. I hope that I am approved, but the ruling is based on whether I will still be disabled one year from my initial filing, which will be five months from now. It all depends on what Hadden says, and I could see him swinging either way.

Oh well…

So as we run the gauntlet of swiss mocha to burnt toast and discuss the subtle nuances between egg-shell and timid white I remind myself of the little victories, things like not having my ribs stick out when I raise my arms above my head; and tell myself just to settle back into the groove.


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