Busy Work

April 25, 2010

I have my tickets booked for my return flight, I’ll be going back the second week of next month. I’m excited. I miss my fiancee and my animals. Des (the Mrs.) is actually flying out so i don’t have to travel home alone. She’s awesome.

I went to a local jeweler/craftier/awesome stuff-er Two Dog Pond. That place rocks, apparently they send their pendants all across the US. I got Rachel (the owner) to help me design and assemble a necklace for Des. It’s a 1930’s dog license along with a R (for riddle our dog),and a sterling heart on a cool chain.

Gogo crappy blackberry camera!

I also soft-modded my brother’s Wii for him using an awesome tutorial featured on Kotaku. While I don’t condone software piracy (come on folks lets let the developers get paid), I do appreciate the ability to back-up existing purchased games. Especially since my brother falls into the category of “Irresponsible adolescent”.

If it's not dirt, its peanut butter.

Haven’t really progressed on the weight gain front, I’ve been stuck at 179.5 for what seems like a week. I guess I’ll just have to keep eating.


3 Responses to “Busy Work”

  1. Akshay said


  2. It was so nice to meet you, Chris! Have a safe trip home. You’re in my prayers for continued healing and a healthy life.

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