Movin’ On up

May 4, 2010

Today was a good day.

For the first time in two or three days I feel good. I’ve been feeling increasingly shunty lately which is NOT a good thing. Typically when one starts feeling shunty and it doesn’t go away it means that one’s shunt is failing. Which means more surgeries and more pain and a general amount of crappyness. I think everything was brought to a head by the family outing to the Hastings Museum. It require allot of walking around and concentration,  and the next day I was limited to laying on the couch. Doesn’t bode well for returning to work.

The best part about museums is that they spawn photos such as:

I bet I'd look prettyer in pink!


Lets also not forget:

Who dosen't love Kool-Aid?


If you want to see more photos from the museum follow this finely crafted link. (A Facebook account may or may not required)

My time here in Nebraska is coming to a close, my loving belle will be here this Saturday (ZOMG only four days to go), and we will be returning to Oregon on Tuesday, where I have no doubt I will be inundated with medical exams.


One Response to “Movin’ On up”

  1. Jayson! said

    Woo hoo! Feeling shunty! I had a shunty phase once, I slept with EVERYBODY!

    What a time that was!
    It was the Summer of ’98 and…..

    Oh wait….shunty?
    I thought you said something else….

    Never mind.


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