Ducks in a row.

May 6, 2010

Well my time here in Nebraska is drawing to a close. I’m picking up Des at the airport the day after tomorrow and I’m starting to get ready to return home.

While some of this involves packing, most of it is calling doctors offices in Bend and setting up appointments. Since i now have proper health insurance I have to inform every one of the change over and there seems to be quite a bit of paperwork involved.

Part of this process was informing VIM that I wouldn’t be needed their services anymore. I called Jerome, since I interacted with him most often, and left a message saying I was now onĀ  Oregon Health Plan Plus and thanked them for everything they had done. I was surprised when he called me back, he said he had played the message I left for the entire office and they were all very touched. I got the impression that most people don’t say thank you. He actually asked me if I wouldn’t mind sending my thank you in written form in a letter. I agreed. This is what I have so far.

Dear VIM,

My name is Chris Machado and about two years ago I came to you guys with a headache, what followed was many appointments and an eventual diagnosis of a rare brain condition. Throughout this time I have had three brain surgeries and countless office visits. Even though I haven’t been able to make donations to the extent I would like, your staff of volunteers has been excellent.

They have repeatedly gone above and beyond the call of any medical office, coming in on days when the clinic was not open and have always had a smile to share. I can say with all sincerity that you have saved my life and there is no way for me to sufficiently express my gratitude. All I can do is say thank you. The service you provide to this community is invaluable.


Chris Machado


One Response to “Ducks in a row.”

  1. that’s exciting that your message was so well received. glad to hear that they were able to make your day more than once!

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