May 30, 2010

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, life seems to be happening all at once.

Been working allot lately, three or four days a week. It tires me out and it makes me dizzy but i’m doing it, which I count as a victory. Been seeing lots of doctors as well. Got a CT scan and visited Hadden twice, he says my brain is looking better now than any other time he’s ever seen it. He wanted a follow-up appointment… but in a year. I kind of going to miss him.

Had my first appointment with my new general care doctor, she seems very nice. We basically just went over all of my issues and started talking about possible plans of action. Before she did anything she wanted me to re-do all my past blood work, so I got to donate about 12 of those little vials all over again. Its funny, the lab tech thought I was crazy, i get freaked out by needles very easily, and she was acting calming and giving me the whole “it’s no big deal” speech. But when she prepped me she noticed the marks on my arm from giving blood and laughed. I didn’t know that blood-giving needles were bigger, guess you learn something new every day.

Depending on how the lab results come back the new doc thinks they will start giving me testosterone injections, apparently when my brain was all swollen it crushed my pituitary gland. Whoops. I’m actually excited for the shots, as the new doc said that it would make me feel not as sluggish and a balanced hormone level would make me feel better.

Hmm, and all this time at school they said juicing was a bad thing. =P


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