July 28, 2010

Doctors appointments all day yesterday and one today. Woo.

I saw the rheumatologist, he says that I have a “Connective tissue auto-immune disease”, when I asked what this meant he said “Its like Lupus, but not as bad”. He’s ordered more tests and I have future apps, as is par for the course.

The endocrinology visit was a bit more eventful, Dr.Goldstein didn’t start treatment as he wants to know more about what is causing the issues I’m having. He said he thinks I have a tumor on my pituitary gland, so I have another round of MRI’s to do. He said because my prolactin levels were so high last year when I first saw him he was concerned, so we did more lab work to see where they were at.

Basicly there are two courses of action to be taken. If the Prolactin levels are still high it means that my hippocampus isn’t talking to my pituitary gland,which means my pituitary gland isn’t telling my manly bits to do their job. I will have to take a pill every day and have testosterone shots. He said sometimes with this pill people get better and don’t have to get treatments anymore, but that I should expect to have to take it for several years at least.

The other option is that my prolactin levels have come down, which means I will just have to have the hormone replacement therapy, which means just the shots, but definitely for the rest of my life. We talked about different treatment options and the shots seem to be the best course, they are far cheaper than the patches. And while I have no fondness of needles and the thought of 27 shots a year makes me squeamish with the potential loss of health insurance money matters more than ever.

As far as the whole “He thinks I have a brain tumor” thing goes, I’m honestly not surprised or worried. This would explain why I have hydrocephalus and all my other varying problems. And as terrible as it sounds, with something like a brain tumor I can go to SSD and be all “This isn’t going away. Pay me!”


4 Responses to “:|”

  1. hydroboysmom said

    call me again after today’s doctor’s appt? Love you! Mom (and Marv and Zach)

  2. Hannah Flaherty said

    Hey Chris. Wow…so the good news just keeps comin’, aye? I’m so sad to hear about your struggles. I wish there was something I could do…IS there anything I can do? If there is, even if its just a Firefly marathon, PLEASE don’t hesitate to call!

    I hate needles too, which is one of the reason’s I have my port. I know it sounds kind of backwards, but trying to get a vein takes way more pokes! Do you get light-headed when you’re poked? Make sure to keep breathing. One thing I did when I was really bad off and getting a LOT of blood draws was I actually forced myself to memorize and recite the alphabet backwards. It’s harder than it sounds. Anyway, it keeps your mind focused on letters rather than needles.

    Do you have hard to find veins? If so, I reccomend that you try to get the same person to draw labs everytime. That way they know your veins pretty well and know which spots work. Then if you have to get it done by someone else you can tell them that “so’n’so” always gets it in your left elbow, or wherever.

    MRI’s suck, but if it could give you more information…well, that would be pretty fantastic.

    Wish I could help with the job stuff, sadly I’m pretty lost in that area. Have you tried getting in touch with Vocational Rehabilation Services? They take all sorts of people. When I was a baby my dad was working construction and a wall fell on his heel and shattered the bone (ew, I know), and they helped him find a new job (piano tuning, which then went to guitar building which is what he’s been doing ever since) and got him accomadations when needed, like a pad to stand on so his heel wouldn’t get sore, and such stuff.

    Try calling them. They’re in the phonebook under Department of Human Services (DHS), or I could send you the number.

    Keep your chin up. We need to get together sometime. Us watered-down-brain types need to stick together. Have you tried CuppaYo yet? It’s a frozen yogurt place: AMAZING! I’m addicted! We should get some frozen yogurt and catch up…my treat!

  3. Hannah Flaherty said

    PS. You like Monty Python?!? Oh my friend! I haven’t watched The Holy Grail in forever, I have it on DVD, we should get CuppaYo and then watch the Knights that say “NEE!”

  4. Oh man your so on Hannah! Lemme set-up a dog sitter and we’ll have at it. Maybe Saturday?

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