August 9, 2010

Didn’t get any sleep last night, just tossed turned. MRI is today, one more can’t hurt right? From what I understand MRI’s are quite safe, the only real side effect to speak of is the radiation dose, which is equivalent to the amount of radiation you’d get over the course of a year. Still… this will be dose number ten today? I hope it doesn’t give me cancer… oh wait.

Got my first un-employment check in the mail. As much as I’d like to go off on on some big tirade about how this crushes the last of my dignity, I really don’t care. Here in Bend Oregon we have the highest unemployment rate in the state, sitting somewhere around 17%. Besides, I feel like I’ve been hemorrhaging money lately, so many bills to pay and little things here and there to pick up. A bit of cash will help.

Thanks Uncle Sam! Thanks tax-payers!


2 Responses to “Sleepy”

  1. hydroboysmom said

    Waiting by the phone to hear from you after MRI. Just remember, what ever they see (tumor or not) you are not in this alone. I’m so glad Konni is taking you today! I wish i could be there to hold your hand during whole thing (I’d take some radiation for ya!) and be with you while waiting for the results. Love you more than you can imagine… Mom

  2. Hannah Flaherty said


    I wouldn’t worry too much about the radiation. I mean, I’ve been having MRI’s since I was five years old. I’d ballpark my number around…oh…20 or so. Mum agrees with that number, and most of them with contrast.

    Now if you asked how many CT scans I’ve ever had? Ohhh my goodness! Between all my brain stuff and my sinus infections (I get them every fall, like clockwork) …it’s in the dozens range. I expect that any day now I’ll start glowing in the dark and picking up radio stations.

    I saw your post about the contrast making you sick. I’m so sorry. If it helps at all, you are not the only one. My grandma got an MRI with contrast and she did the same exact thing. Right in the machine. She was pretty humiliated, but the techs were really sweet about it. I hope the people who did yours are as nice, I know pretty much everybody in that hospital so if they weren’t, I’ll be more than happy to set them straight! 🙂

    Feel better because I’m in the mood for a Firefly marathon!

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