Deep Breaths

August 10, 2010

Today I find out if I have a brain tumor. I’m allot more calm then I anticipated, but I still feel stressed. After thinking about all of my symptoms and some ill-advised googling I honestly feel that I probably do have a tumor. It would explain SO much, including my Hydrocephalus, my low testosterone, my high prolactin and a handful of other things.

I had my MRI yesterday, that was a minor nightmare in and of itself. I went to Bend Memorial Clinic rather than CORA, this made me a little sad as the scan-tech at CORA is a really cool guy, he always sings while your in the tube. But my issues stemmed not from the unfamiliar environment or the fact that this MRI took more than an hour but from the fact that apparently I’m severely allergic to MRI contrast dye.

I’ve had many CT/MRI scans before but none with contrast. The first twenty minutes or so was fine (other than the IV in my arm which caused slight panic as I hate needles), but towards the halfway mark the tech radioed in and let me know that the dye was now being injected. Within ninety seconds my entire left side became extremely burny and itchy and I became extremely sick to my stomach.

I frantically squeezed the bulb and said “Ithinkimgonnathrowup!” The tech didn’t move quick enough. I projectile spewed all over myself, in a tube, with a face-guard on. Not such a pretty sight. I had to change into hospital issue scrubs as i was drenched in puke. But we got the imaging done. So that’s a plus.

Moral of the story? Scrubs are hella comfy.


One Response to “Deep Breaths”

  1. Hannah Flaherty said

    Scrubs are quite comfy. As a girl who has been through WAY too much medical BS I never want to work anywhere even CLOSE to resembling the medical field…but, man, I wish I could get a job where I could wear scrubs!

    I’m going to try to call you later today. If you don’t feel up to talking, don’t worry about it. But please let me know how your test results turn out. I want you to know that no matter WHAT happens, you can count on me (and my mum) to be there. I can’t always promise more than that, I can’t even promise I’ll be coherent (I’ve been up since 3AM…nobody is home upstairs, if you know what I mean.) but I’m a good listener all the same.

    I know about singing guy from CORA! He always ends up doing my scans. He’s funny. I really wish I could remember his name.

    If you’re anything like me (and I think you might be), you’re probably freaking yourself out waiting for these test results. I hate to think of you out there stressing about it. Wish I could be there to support you! (But not in a literal sense…you are, like, a LOT taller than me.)

    Anyway, I’m rambling. Hopefully you’ll hear from the doctors ASAP. Sending you all my mental good luck! (Which is admittedly not in high supply.)

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