Meet and greet

August 12, 2010

Alright everyone, today I’d like to introduce you to someone who is very close to me. He has been with me for quite some time now and is really a part of me. He’s my little buddy, he goes wherever I go and he does whatever I do.

I’d like you to meet Phil. My tumor.

Don’t see him? Thats OK neither do I. He’s kinda shy being only 2mm big and all. But my doctor assures me he’s there. You could say he’s really gotten inside me.

Lame tumor puns aside I’m doing well. As I said before the confirmation wasn’t a big surprise so I’ve taken the news quite well.I don’t feel any different right now after the testosterone shots (and if I did it would be psychosomatic) but they should start perking me up in a few weeks. I have no doubt that soon I will reach a level of manliness that I will be able to spontaneously grow body hair by flexing.



2 Responses to “Meet and greet”

  1. Hannah Flaherty said

    Chris: Teen Wolf. Another fun thing for Bend to get famous for! Woot!

    So, mum says I need to get rid of my shunt…asap. Like, it still kinda has some CSF in it, and it’s been sitting in the kitchen counter grossing people out for a while. Feel like BURNING some things, my friend?

    Tell Phil that I miss him. It’s been a while. Oh, and that Chris guy attached to him, he’s okay too.

    (Mum used to be a fire fighter, forestfires, so she REALLY likes fire. So she let’s me burn things as long as she’s around. It’s cool.)

  2. hydroboysmom said

    If you start looking like this dude, you and Phil are getting a waxing kit for Christmas.

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