The Horror

August 16, 2010

Today I went down to the Unemployment office and finished all of my paperwork and interviews. NOthing difficult. They gave me a series of tests consisting of different levels. On reading I made it to and passed level seven, which is the last. And I made it to level five on the math portion.

I also got ahold of Vocational Rehabilitation, but unfortunately while they would like to help me, the earliest orientation they have open is in October. Bah.

I was called today by the Bend Memorial Clinic, it seems that I will have my growth hormone testing done tomorrow morning. I am not looking forward to this, as it involves three solid hours of blood draws. Nothing to be done about it though. Bah again.

Now its story time.

I recently remembered an incident that occurred during my last brain surgery. Dr.Hadden screwed with me. In a kind of jerky way no less.

I recall hanging out in the pre-surgery prep room with my family, and the anesthesiologist came in and started in IV. The drugs started to take effect as they wheeled me to the back, but rather than do the “Count backwards from ten” bit, Dr.Hadden looked at me and said “Chris, we need you to get in this other bed. Go on, get up.”

Being in my drug addled state I tried to sit up and stand. I think I made it about 3 inches off the mattress before I passed out. All I can really recall was a giant shit-eating grin on Hadden’s face.

Thanks Doc.


2 Responses to “The Horror”

  1. hydroboysmom said

    ha! that is awesome! you two have the same humor!!!!

  2. Hannah Flaherty said

    Here’s a secret that many people don’t realize: surgeons, especially NEUROsurgeons…are assholes.

    Yeah, I said it. It’s true. They tend to have huge God-Complex problems, which they kind of deserve since they ARE the one’s that operate on brains, but as a result, their OWN heads seem to swell with self importance. In fact, I bet if I asked my neuro-guy (which I am not going to!) he would even AGREE with me. That they are all total and complete asshats.

    I wish VocRehab could get you in sooner, but they have a lot of people needing help right now. It’s hard to be patient, but that’s the way it goes, I guess.

    We need to have a Firefly marathon, or something equally cool/nerdy.

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