The Horror

August 16, 2010

Today I went down to the Unemployment office and finished all of my paperwork and interviews. NOthing difficult. They gave me a series of tests consisting of different levels. On reading I made it to and passed level seven, which is the last. And I made it to level five on the math portion.

I also got ahold of Vocational Rehabilitation, but unfortunately while they would like to help me, the earliest orientation they have open is in October. Bah.

I was called today by the Bend Memorial Clinic, it seems that I will have my growth hormone testing done tomorrow morning. I am not looking forward to this, as it involves three solid hours of blood draws. Nothing to be done about it though. Bah again.

Now its story time.

I recently remembered an incident that occurred during my last brain surgery. Dr.Hadden screwed with me. In a kind of jerky way no less.

I recall hanging out in the pre-surgery prep room with my family, and the anesthesiologist came in and started in IV. The drugs started to take effect as they wheeled me to the back, but rather than do the “Count backwards from ten” bit, Dr.Hadden looked at me and said “Chris, we need you to get in this other bed. Go on, get up.”

Being in my drug addled state I tried to sit up and stand. I think I made it about 3 inches off the mattress before I passed out. All I can really recall was a giant shit-eating grin on Hadden’s face.

Thanks Doc.



March 22, 2010

Well im finally out of the hospital. This time was allot rougher then any previous time. Not only did I get to experiance the wonders of a cathader first hand I had to stay multiple nights due to complications. I defiantly went in with not as positive of  an attitude and I think it really effected the outcome.

Im much weaker then when I went in, but starting to recover. Its not easy to write so I’m going to keep this brief.

Basicly my body has trained itself to be bulimic so that’s hurting the recovery process. I weigh 165 now and 6″4″. Im going to stay with my Mom in Nebraska for a month to recover. While it will be nice to be taken care of, it will be hard to to leave home.


March 16, 2010

Well things have taken’ an abrupt turn for the worse. Today my head started leaking green pus, which is typically a bad thing. I went and saw Dr.Hadden and to make a long story short, this Thursday they are taking out all of the tubing and shunt from my head and installing a whole new set on the other side.

The tubing has gotten infected, which is one of the worst things that can happen.

At least I get to see my Mom tomorrow.

Sorry its been awhile since I’ve posted. Haven’t been feeling like sharing much lately. To make a long story short I went in for another CT scan due to the fact that lately I’ve been having migraines and bouts of intense confusion almost daily. The scan shows that my brain ventricles are growing again which is bad.

Dr.Hadden things that it has to do with the tube in my stomach not being long enough and getting pinched due to the fact that I’m freakishly tall. So next Thursday he’s going to open me back up and essentially daisy chain two tubes together.

This will be surgery number three, and you know what they say, third times is a charm.

On an unrelated note some dilhole used my bank account to pay his $400 phone bill so I’m flat broke until Monday. Thanks dude.

Ice Cream makes everything better, unless it looks like this.

Busy Busy

February 6, 2010

Whoo, a lot of stuff has been happening lately.

I visited Dr.H today and he removed the staples from my head. unfortunately I’ve been getting sick and dizzy the past few days. Dr.H thinks that it’s just me adjusting to my new shunt, but we’re both worried as this is exactly what happened last time when the shunt became blocked. So he ordered a shuntogram (my spell checker says that shuntogram is not a real word and recommends shitogram… lul) for me sometime next week. Read the rest of this entry »

Sub-systems online.

February 1, 2010


My digestive system is rebelling though. Since I haven’t really been keeping anything down over the past few months my gut has been on an impromptu vacation, it is not pleased to be back on duty. I’ll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say a plumber had to be called.

I took off my head bandages today and had a shower, which is nice but usually challenging. But I’m finding my balance is much improved, I hardly wobble when I walk, and the only sketchy part in the shower was when I had to towel off my lower bits and stand on one leg.

Theres a picture of my head after the break if you’d like to see it, its somewhat oggie,  so viewer discretion is advised. Read the rest of this entry »

Well tomorrows the big day. I haven’t heard from the hospital yet, but I assume it will be early in the AM again. I sure hope so, the worst part about this whole ordeal (other then the whole chance of catastrophic screwups that result in death) would be that you can’t drink or eat anything before the surgery. I can deal with not eating, I don’t eat much as it is, but I have to constantly be drinking something, I’m always thirsty.

I met up with a fellow Hydrocephalus suffer and her mom yesterday, Hannah (who often comments on this blog) is awesome. I had a great time chatting with her, and it was fun to compare notes. I’m glad I made a brain buddy.

Probably won’t be posting for a few days, but I’ll come back as soon as possible.


January 26, 2010

Well, I’m much calmer today then I was yesterday. I’ve done some light googling on low white blood cell counts, and there seems to be plethora of things that can cause it, I’m also under the impression now that going to the oncologist is more of “we want to rule out cancer” kind of move.

So we’ll see.

Des (my fiancée), is really sick. I feel bad, I can’t help but feel somewhat responsible, I know my sickness puts a ton of stress on her, which can’t be good for her immune system. I feel doubly bad, because I can’t comfort or take care of her right now, because I can’t risk catching whatever she has right before surgery.

I also have the somewhat grim task of filling out an advanced directive today. A packet of paperwork letting the doctors when to pull the plug on me if something goes horribly awry during surgery.

Oh the places we’ll go.

Well crap.

January 25, 2010

Hey baby, whats your sign?


Your a cancer?

No, but I have cancer.

Well… maybe.

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Part of the preparation for surgery is shaving my head. While technically I don’t have to do this, I would feel ridiculous walking around with a big bald patch, so I got it buzzed off a few days before they cracked me open,I had some fun with it and got a mohawk.


So extreme.

I’m thinking since my hair is much shorter this time, that I’ll just shave a heart or some other symbol.

Any suggestions?